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Moving On at Move-In Day

After all the pickups and U-Hauls and SUVs have been unloaded, and after the mini-fridges and Xbox systems have been lugged up the stairs, and after the beds and desks and bookshelves have been wrestled into place, then comes the hard part of move-in day at Elmhurst College. It’s time for parents to say goodbye.

Forget all the heavy lifting. Parents who helped the Class of 2014 lay claim to their new campus digs on August 25 will tell you that the real challenge is letting go.

“I’ve been preparing for this moment for 18 years,” said David Kellen of Sandwich, who was helping his son Matt move into Stanger Hall. He wasn’t talking about the challenge of navigating four flights of stairs while loaded down with Matt’s belongings. “It’s an emotional day. I know the house is going to seem really quiet when we get home.”

Over at Niebuhr Hall, Kim Dillon of St. Louis was admitting to anxiety about saying goodbye to her daughter Mackenzie. But Mackenzie predicted that when the time came for her parents to return home without her, it would be her father, Dan, who would cry. Dad didn’t bother disputing the prediction. More »

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